Summer  Class Schedule:

MONDAYS @ 10am- Gentle Yoga Flow

TUESDAYS @ 6pm- Restorative Yoga

FRIDAYS @ 9am- Relax and Renew (Gentle) Yoga


Class Descriptions:

Restorative Yoga-   This is a very slow-paced, more meditative style of class with postures that are supported (using bolsters and cushions, etc.) and held for longer periods of time- that allow the body to move into a deeper, more relaxed stretch.  Great for beginners as well as those who simply need to slow down and rest the body and mind in a beautiful, calm atmosphere.

Relax and Renew-  A gentle class consisting of organic yoga postures and flow that assist the participant in experiencing greater body and breath awareness.  A perfect class for beginners as well as those who may be just a bit intimidated by the yoga scene...

Yoga Flow-  This class takes participants through traditional and creative vinyasa sequences, with a focus on breathing, balancing, centering, generating self-energy and strength-- while often targeting specific areas of the body.   


                $12 drop-in/ class

Beginners and all levels welcome to all classes!

5 and 10-Class passes,  packages, and gift certificates available.

Yoga mats available for $2 rental


Located on the Holden Beach Causeway,

behind Kd Morris Art Gallery & Wine Shop

3426 Holden Beach Rd.